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Muva Mack

My style? I would describe it as elegant trap music.

Muva Mack

Muva Mack—Tasha Gaye—is an upcoming female rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts. She has been rapping since the age of 12, but just recently dropped her first project, “I’ll Be You,” on December 15, 2018. Only a few shorts weeks after this, Muva Mack announced that she would be dropping her first mixtape, the Muv Tapes. 

“Then the new year rolled over and I basically announced that January 31st I was going to drop a mixtape, the Muv Tape. Mind you, I had no songs. I had no way of knowing how songs were going to be recorded, or even what studio I was going to use. I just let it be known that I was going to drop a mixtape” explained Muva Mack. 

From there, it was a process discovering all the intricacies that really go into making a mixtape. Muva Mack bought the app, Canvas,  for $8 to design her own cover art. She then had her friend, as aspiring photographer, take professional photographs of her. She used these pictures, posting one a day, to promote the Muv Tape. Her album was entirely self-produced and self-promoted. 

The entire production of this mixtape was a spiritual journey for Muva Mack. The mixtape is composed of seven songs to represent the Biblical reference to the universe being created in 7 days and 7 nights.

“I usually party on New Years, but this year I went to church instead and asked to be closer to my music and to find my purpose. Now I know music is my purpose,” she said.  

Since releasing the Muv Tape, Muva Mack has done several performances around the nation. Her stylistic influences include rappers like Lil Kim, J. Cole and Wale. 

Her accomplishments don’t stop with rap. Muva Mack is also a professional dancer and the mother. Her daughter—stage named Trin Star—appears on the interlude to the Muva Tape on “Tx2.”

In the future, Muva Mack hopes to build her own music empire in service to women. In the music industry, female rappers often are not taken seriously. It seems there can only ever be one prominent female rapper at any given time. When more than one exists, they are pitted against each other (e.g. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj), as compared to the hundreds of male rappers who are simultaneously making millions in harmony. Muva Mack wants her empire to instead be centered around female empowerment, sisterhood and success for all. 

To other aspiring female rappers, Muva Mack advises, “It’s a mans world 100 percent. Never allow yourself to get taken advantage of in any way. Go hard. Say what you want to say in your raps. Express yourself. Why can’t you express yourself? Make music for men to sing. Men make music for us and we spend all our money on it. Make music for men to be like ‘ooh yeah, this dominates.'”

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