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SiKK Submissions

We want to hear from you! Contribute to SiKK Magazine by submitting your ready-to-publish stories and articles to

What are we looking for?:

Opinion pieces


Short stories

News articles

Submission Guidelines:

Your information: Please include your first and last name, and Instagram handle at the top of any submission.

Summary: Please include a 3-4 sentence description about the piece you are submitting, including the category (opinion piece, news article, short story or poem).

Length requirements: News articles and opinion pieces must be at least 500 words. No submissions should exceed 3 pages.

Images: Please include 2-3 photos or images to accompany all news articles and opinion pieces.

News Articles: Can include stories about pop-culture events and figures, politics, healthcare, etc. influencing the Black community. All news stories should be submitted with editing done and two title options.

Poems and short stories: No length or topic requirement.

Opinion Pieces: Trends; lifestyle; think-piece; music and video reviews.

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